New Single Cover Unveiled! “Electric Love”

As you might already know the new single “Electric Love” will be released in October 2010. But what you might not know is that we had a sick video shoot at the infamous Crazy Girls strip club. All we can say is that the video is amazing! Everyone who helped make it happen definitely came through on this one. Thanks: Dave Teixeira, BoJessie Christopher, DJ Phyz Ed, the Crazy Girls…Girls, Jessie Saunders, Jeremiah Mehew, Kyle Grant, Peter Gross, Nick Tamura, Ana Paola Negro, Dj IMG, Lexi Bonkers, Kas, Mix Master Cash, Mia Eden, B, who else?…. A bunch of other cool people who we love! SO LOOK OUT FOR THE NEW VIDEO AND SINGLE ELECTRIC LOVE on iTUNES this OCTOBER!!

And now! Drum roll………………………………………….. ta da! The new single cover!

Oh, and we only got one photo from behind the scenes, Karen taking care of a girl who had too much fun.

If you don’t have “The Other Side of Midnight” follow link below to catch up!



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